Stateless is a project dedicated to creating and fostering a sustainable platform for displaced and diaspora voices to come together and hold a dialogue about art + culture. This transnational dialogue will be facilitated by organizing a meeting place for artists who are stateless, in exile, displaced, and diaspora from disparate parts of the world. 

Some historians call this “The Century of Migration.” There is no central or unifying creative arts agency or national support for displaced artists. This project will support contemporary artists who fall through the cracks and do not fit into any institutional funding model.

I believe this lack of support leads to a lack of discussion and understanding. In order for this project to be successful we need to support a very simple idea: Providing a creative and safe space where these contemporary experiences can come together. So much work has been done to preserve the past of marginalized and endangered cultures. This project is unique because it is actively asking us to look at the present. These justifications were recently reinforced by my involvement as a fellow at the Flaherty Film Seminar, the longest running platform dedicated to the art of the moving image practice. One of my major take aways from the Flaherty Seminar was that we must all find our own way to counter, respond and express ourselves, nothing else is more true.

— Tenzin Phuntsog